Taboo Topics In The Bible: Aliens & UFOsREVIEWED BY J.M. NORTHUP

Interesting Read
This was short and sweet – to the point. It was direct with good research and supporting documentation. It was well organized and written, despite some typos.
What I liked is that the Pastor didn’t shy away from a modern topic that most leaders have shunned. I like that he represented Christians in a way that’s positive and showed extraterrestrial life isn’t detrimental to our faith. I’ve never believed life in the universe would mitigate or eliminate God… My God is all powerful and created the HEAVENS and the earth.
I am not sure what to believe about aliens, but I do know what to believe about God.
I think this is a sound theory… perhaps more so than Ancient Aliens, but it is still narrowed only to Christianity, which limits God. I am a Christian, but not everyone is, which I believe is okay since we all find our own way to our Creator. Being an omnipotent deity, I think we are remiss to put God (or someone’s relationship with God) into any sort of box. Still, it is important to listen to all views and to educate yourself on what is happening around you.

Where did I find it: in my audible library. It had been there a long time. A friend recommended him having read most of his books. It was about time I read some too. Luckily, the eBook was in Kindle Unlimited. I like to switch between reading and listening. With thousands of reviews, it seems Kerry Wilkinson is very popular.
What I liked: this is a mystery thriller which meant many twists and turns. I particularly like how the author dropped clues all the way through the book. It was only when they were explained I realised they had been in plain sight all along. His description of people and places brought the area and it’s inhabitants to life. The were many tense moments that kept me reading to find out what happened.
What I didn’t like: the protagonist, Megan. I didn’t find her very likeable. Neither was I keen on narrator’s voice on the audio book. It brought out the worst of my dislike. To be fair, the reasons I didn’t like her are precisely the reasons other readers might. Megan is different and sometimes that’s a refreshing change.
Overall: Two Sisters is a great thriller. Secrets and lies are what awaits the siblings of the title. It’s easy to see why the villagers are suspicious and dislike Megan, but who can the girls trust? The climax of the story is exciting, edge of the seat stuff. I liked how it rounded everything up, so the reader fully understood what was really going on. A must for crime readers and those who love solving mysteries.
Out of the Darkness: A Dark Fantasy AnthologyREVIEWED BY SAHARA FOLEY

Deliciously Dark
Anthologies are hard to review/rate as normally there’s one or two good stories and the rest are so-so. Thankfully, these four stories break that mold.
How To Curse A Kingdom is about acceptance of yourself, your fate, and the hard decisions that need to be made. Even if you’re a God. As Pantheon discovered, when he saw the consequences of his actions/inactions. There were some editing issues with the story but they weren’t distracting.
The Tempest made me cringe, made my own fingernail hurt when Nubon tore hers to the quick. I rooted for her as she struggled to survive on the harsh ocean with no food or water. And I cheered for her when she stood up to claim her rightful place. A very well-written, coming-of-age story.
Men of Distant Souls is the story of Levi facing and accepting his destiny. From a drunk to a hero. And the bad choices that even hero’s have to make all for the sake of their souls. In the end, I was left with questions. Did he?
Red and White is about two sisters who’ve only had each other for years after the nightlings took away their parents and life they knew. I was on the fence whether this book deserved a 4 or 5 star rating until I read this story. This one tore me up and I cried for the harshness of their lives. I still had questions. What was over the wall to the East?
If you love dark fantasy, anthologies, stories where even with the right choice you still have heartache, then this book is for you. I give it 5 stars.
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