February is an important and busy month for us. Although not so much than when the children were young.

It started in 1980 when, on the 23rd, I married the boy next door. Four years later on the 15th, our daughter was born. On her second birthday, along came our son. The next few years were taken up with joint parties for the children and something to mark our anniversary.

This is us taking our vows at a church in Manchester.

In the late nineties, my sister gave birth to her children. One on the 6th of February and the other on the 27th, which was also the day after our other sister’s birthday.

I loved having my children’s birthdays on the same day. They even thought they were twins at one point! We had many a birthday party organised at the local Mcdonalds’. They don’t seem to do them anymore. We also went to a local dance studio, and all we had to do was turn up with the cake. They organised the games, and it was fun. Happy Days!

These are the cakes I made for them on their first and third birthdays.

Do any members of your family celebrate on the same day?

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