There was a time when I had fourteen (14) books published.
Yeah, I cannot believe it either, especially since I currently only have five (5) available now. LOL

Part of the reason, I have been honing my skills. I have been editing professionally, and I have over sixteen (16) titles published under that role. This has made me want to re-edit my work to provide better quality books for my readers, which is a value of all of us at Norns Triad Publications. Also, I was a little broken and didn’t want that to bleed into my writing.

I am thrilled to announce my spark has returned, and I’m writing again. 2023 promises so many great things for my team as well as for me, personally. I have so much to be grateful for, and hopefully, I can bring some great new books to you all!

Thank you to the read
who made this for me!


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