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Seems I love stepping on toes, and this post will be no different.  🤣😂

The other day I was looking at book trailers in a Facebook group I’d joined just for that purpose, when I ran across a newbie author.  While I watched the trailer, glaring editing errors leaped out at me.  WTF?  If they couldn’t edit their trailer correctly, how badly is the book written?  I even left a comment to that effect.

For the love of god, indie authors, learn proper grammar and punctuations.  And telling us that English is your second language doesn’t fly.  Either you learn how to write a proper book, or PAY for a good editor.

As much as I love ranting, I also like to help people.  That’s why, back in 2017, I started a blog series called Weekly Useful Writer Stuff.  It was based on the blogs I followed, back then, with stuff I needed to learn to wrote a decent book.  Im not sure if some of the links are still active, but check it out anyway.

However, just reading blog posts isn’t going to help.  If you really want to publish a book, you need to study.  You need to LEARN.  You need to put in the HARD WORK.  And even if you write an amazing book that earns a lot of 5-sttar reviews, the odds of you making it rich are Nil.  There is no money in publishing a book unless you put time, and money, into it yourself.  PERIOD!

Here are some books that are a MOST HAVE to help you become an amazing writer.  Most indie authors have no money, so start with only one book, or wait for them to go on sale.

Story Engineering by [Larry Brooks]      Writers Helping Writers Series      Successful Indie Author

And a word of advice.  As with any industry, there ae scammers in this one as well.  People who will take your dollars with no credibility to their names.  So, before you put your money behind a supposedly top earning author, check out their books ad ranking.  How long has it been since they published a new one.  See if they put their money where their mouth is.

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