Cozy mystery
The second book in the Witchy Expo Services Mysteries series is even better than the first. Nimue and her staff are absolutely delightful, well, most of them are. Nimue and Ren are getting used to working together and their strengths balance each other well. Amy is incredible at writing characters that are incredibly fun to get to know and even her villains are believable. There were so many surprises to this story that I couldn’t stop reading it. I simply had to get to the bottom of the mystery. I dearly hope that there will be more books in this series.

An essay into the macabre interest of the American public on their most notorious obsession. The movies, books, and television shows on serial killers show the connection between the public and sensational fascination. How theory and reality reveal the nature of these killers?
The history is astonishing on how many lives were taken by person and persons unknown. Serial killers, are more evident in open public information societies. It looks like America may have more of them then other countries, but that they are just a prevalent in other countries, and other times.
The open public information allow the public infatuation spawning the books, and other media relations.
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