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As kids, I think most of us have collected, or at least, picked up a rock that caught our attention as it glittered on the ground.  I never went as far as keeping them, but my sister has a collection so she would be considered a ‘rock hound’.  She even paints pictures on them and leaves them in places for people to find. 

(Pyrite – Fool’s Gold)

For me, the rocks that attracted me were the ones with fool’s gold.  I loved the lure of the gold twinkling up at me.  Oh, if only it were real.  What I didn’t know was that it really is real.  Not like gold, darn, but it’s a form of crystal and has it’s own value.

Rock hounds think of the stones they collect as rocks or minerals.  Some even fashion them into tumbles or place them in jewelry.  This would include semi-precious stones like jade, opals, turquois, etc. 

Myself, I’ve always loved jade and turquois.  Real turquois is hard to find on the market as there’s such a high demand for it and the scammers have learned how to fake it.  So, buyer, beware. ☹😥

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Then, one day, while cruising TikTok to increase our subs for Norns, I ran across a channel doing scoops for crystals.  Oh My!  😲😲  I spent a few days watching, and then, I couldn’t resist any longer and had to order some.  Once I got those crystals in my hands, BANG! Addicted.  Sigh.

So, now I’m a crystal collector.  Which is a glorified term for rock collector. 😂🤣 But is it really? 

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Crystal collectors don’t just see that pretty rock, stone, or mineral.  Oh, No.  We feel the stone.  We are attracted to it.  It calls to us.  WE HAVE TO HAVE IT!  You know?  The Precious?

And that’s because crystal have a vibrational frequency that WE pick up on.  Everything in nature vibrates, including humans.  So when our frequency is in alignment with a crystals, we say it’s calling to us.  Sometimes, it’s to help us. Other times, to just make us feel better.  Which is what crystal healing is all about. 

You know all those rock hound nuts?  What they don’t know is they’re crystal collectors too.  They also feel the pull of that favorite stone they always have to hold or dig up.  They just don’t understand it.  However, we do.

Learning about crystals, and what they do, is very daunting.  Too many types and so many of them marry with other materials.  How do we keep track of them all?  This is the journey I will be sharing with further post. 

If you’re also a crystal collector, which material is your favorite and why?  Till next time, may abundance and prosperity flow over you. 

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