Anglesey is a small island just off the north Wales coast. It’s been my home for almost seven years. I love to read books based here and to walk in a character’s footsteps and see what they saw. To fully emerge yourself in a story like that gives you an all round experience.

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In this new feature, Anglesey Books gives you an insight into our small island and the exciting fiction based here.

Crimson Shore is set around the Holyhead area. Apart from being famous for its ferries to Dublin in Ireland, we also have the UK’s longest breakwater.

Built by the Victorians, it took twenty-eight years to complete and is 1.7 miles long. You can walk to the end via its promenade and at the bottom is a lighthouse. Unfortunately these days it has fallen into disrepair. The small shelter’s along its length and originally made for fishermen, are now used for something else entirely.

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A half-naked woman dead in a ditch. A disappearing pathologist. A teenager run off the road. For a peaceful island, Anglesey is experiencing abnormal levels of crime. What’s the connection?

DS Dara Brennan has women problems. His boss, Amanda Gold, is embroiled in office politics and his wife thinks he’s a disappointment. And then there’s DS Kelly Jones.

As missing-person cases become murder enquiries, Dara must put aside his personal life and focus on the killer’s trail. The only tenuous link between the victims is an abandoned children’s home. What happened there, twenty years ago? And who is hell-bent on revenge?

Dara is keeping his eyes on the road. But he forgets to look in the mirror.

Crimson Shore is the first novel in The Gold Detectives series set along the North Wales coast.

I read Crimson Shore back in 2017 when my blog was in its infancy. My book reviews are more of a discussion than the ones I do today.

It’s fun to chat books, especially ones you’ve enjoyed. I loved this one, and I loved the series. I’ll feature book two next month.

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