Plot Holes

Sometimes my dreams are very vivid. When they are I’ve been known to write a story from them. The last dream I had, I’m using here because it illustrates well.

We, my husband and two young children (who are now grown up), needed food and water on our travels. As the owners of our old house were at work all day, we decided to go inside.

Hubby cooked a meal and I took in my surroundings and marveled at the changes the new owners had made to the house we had once lived in.

Suddenly, I heard, Julie, my editor say in my ear, ‘How did you get in?”

It was then I realised I’d left that important piece of information out. “It’s what a reader would ask,” Julie pointed out.

As writers, it’s not always obvious to see plot holes. That’s where editors, proofreaders, and beta readers can help. They pick up information that you miss. Even with all those eyes on it, it’s still possible to miss things, but it’s the best way to get things right.

Writing a book is so much more than just jotting down a story.

At the time of writing this, I was busy editing One Christmas. Which reminds me, did you read it yet?

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