Enjoyable Holiday Read
This short story was a fun way to warm my cold winter reading. It honestly reflected both the cheer and melancholy of Christmas. The supernatural elements gave an old world edge on the modern day tale.
I loved Augustin. The traditions he shared with Petra, which he invited Beatrice to participate in, were telling… for all the characters.
Beatrice has a good heart and sense of humor. However, she has a lot of growing to do. That’s if her carelessness doesn’t get her killed first.
I recommend this title. It was enjoyable.

Snow, Ghosts, and Romance.
This is a nice light-hearted enjoyable read and told by Louise, the main character. She is an aspiring writer who eventually goes to the writer’s retreat in the title.
I enjoyed Lou’s relationship with her family, her widowed father, aunt, and teenage brother. She was also the main earner and ran the home, making sure everyone was fed and the house kept clean and tidy. She also yearned for love and found it with the aptly named Mr Love.
The ghosts didn’t really relate to the story as they appeared at the end when Louise got to the writer’s retreat. They made it fun and I could see the hotel, it’s owners, and the apparitions making a great story on its own.
There were a number of little errors that didn’t take me away from the tale, but there nevertheless. Overall, the story was good and kept me entertained.

I’ve read several books by Karen and she is a talented storyteller. This one does not disappoint. Having lost my husband on Christmas, I can relate to the heartache and grief that follows. The dreading for the next Holiday as that special person is no longer there to share it with you. Especially if you’re a family that loves the traditions of Christmas.
Tina is a very likeable character and we share her struggles as she tries to help her family come back to some form of normalcy. But no matter how tragic life can get, it always moves on. And new surprises help pave the way for new traditions. If only you will let them.
This is a must read for people who love Christmas and family, and as a short story, it’s easy to read during the busiest time of the year. I give it 5 stars.
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