It Snowed Heavily Last Night

It snowed heavily last night.
I didn’t hear it fall or see it land.
I lay awake and let the night wash over me.
And when I slept it was so restlessly.

It snowed heavily again last night.
I didn’t look at the flakes passing the window.
My eyes were open and unseeing,
I was lost in a maze of thoughts and feelings.
I didn’t want to notice the snow outside.
Because I was with my man in dreamland
For it was the only place we could be.

It snowed last night but he wouldn’t see.
He’d never feel the snowflakes in his hair.
He stooped to tie his shoelace
I walked on, anxious to get out of the cold.
A car skied on ice, unable to stop the flow
It hit my love leaving him face down in the snow.