Do you make New Years’ Resolutions? I would say sometimes I do, and other times I don’t. But when I think about it, I always do. but just don’t say.

Last year, I told myself I would rewrite all my books and get them back up on Amazon. I didn’t want to say in case I didn’t achieve it. But of course, it’s not as straightforward as that. We have to take in the timeline of editors, and proofreaders, too. I’m lucky as all of mine are done in-house. In total, I have completed six.

It’s also been a learning curve as I’ve understood my craft a lot more, and even some editing techniques.

One Christmas was published on the 5th of December. What about you? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

Each year, Make Up Your Mind Day on December 31st encourages us to quit wavering, take a side, follow through with a decision, and stick to it.  

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