Stewartville. A town living in the shadow of the prisons that drive its economy. Haunted by the ghosts of its past. Cursed by the dark secrets hidden beneath. A town so entwined with the prisons waiting outside the city limits that it’s impossible to imagine one without the other, or to ever imagine escaping either.

When a teenage boy digs into the history of the town, he discovers a tunnel system beneath Stewartville, passageways filled with dark secrets. Secrets leading not to freedom, but to unrelenting terror.

Stewartville. Where the convicts aren’t the only prisoners.

The Prisoners of Stewartville by Shannon Felton

Brilliant storytelling!
I am not a huge horror or suspense fan, but have been trying to expand my mind lately and read some things outside my comfort zone. And let me tell you – I am SO happy I picked this book!! It has all the elements of great thriller – fantastically vivid characters and setting, suspense, and that bit of unhinged madness that makes for a killer horror story.
From the opening page, I was committed to the main character, Casey, who narrates this shocking tale. Born in a town surrounded by prisons, a gloom pervades over Casey’s life. Drugs and violence are rampant in the streets, and everyone is on their way to one of the prisons – either as a guard, or an inmate. But when things take a horrific turn, Casey may be the only one who can see what is happening to his already broken town. In the scant 158 pages of this book, the author plops you down right in the middle of Stewartville, and expertly weaves the reader through the fast paced, mind-boggling events that had me gasping in shock more than once! The townspeople jump off the page, the smells and tastes of desperation are visceral, and the suspense is palpable.
I can not say enough how much I enjoyed this book!! I would recommend The Prisoners of Stewartville to the dedicated horror/thriller fans, as well as anyone who may be looking to expand their genre horizons.
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