Charlie and the Tire Swing is a beautiful intergenerational story told from the perspective of Charlie and his Grandpa Jack. Over a cup of hot chocolate, Charlie’s grandfather tells the story of how he planted an acorn with his own grandfather, Charlie’s Great-Great Grandpa George, and how he tenderly cared for it and watched it grow, from one season to the next. He shares that over the years, as the acorn grew into a mighty oak tree, how each generation enjoyed the shade of the tree, climbing it, reading under it, and gathering together as a family around it. It’s a story of growing strong family ties, of sharing stories from generation to generation, and of appreciating nature, and the simple things in life, like swinging on a tire swing.

Charlie and the Tire Swing: How it Began by Diann Floyd Boehm

What A Loving Legacy
This tale is loving and warm. There’s a charming legacy of simple joys in life – of the ones that truly help us to grow and unite. In it, there’s a beauty that will reveal itself differently at various stages one’s life.
The generations in the story each had part in connecting to the tree, leading up to the tire swing. I felt those stages could be related to by the readers based on where they were in their lives. This will make the book a unique read each time it’s revisited.
I recommend this title for middle grade readers and up. It could certainly be read as a bedtime story, but I think most littles will lose interest in the mature story and focus on the illustrations instead. I could see it being something they grow into – becoming a special story shared between families as their child grows. That could be a really magical experience!
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