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As I am in the United Kingdom and it is not a day I’ve heard of. It caught my eye because most years I buy a poinsettia. The vibrant red colour is a wonderful additional to my lounge and does spread Christmas cheer.

The Poinsettia plant is indigenous to Central America and Mexico. It’s particularly well known for its red and green leaves and popular at Christmas. Joel Roberts Poinsett is accredited with introducing the plant to the United States in the 1920s. He was the first ever Minister of Mexico.

Each year on the 12th of December, people across the United States celebrate one of the most recognizable plants of the holidays on National Poinsettia Day.

When I googled as to how long they lasted, the general answer was two to three months. I’ve always kept mine afterwards and they gradually died during that period.

Not last year. The red leaves turned green and began to grow in abundance. They also looked very healthy. To my delight, a few weeks ago some of the foliage began turning red.

The beautiful crimson colour is spreading at a fast rate and I can see that by Christmas it will be glorious. Since then, I’ve asked around and it’s not unusual. Others have been able to nurture theirs from year to year. But, this is special because I’ve done it!

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