Tragic and Powerful
The blend of German folklore and WWII was brilliant. The humanity of Uwe made the monsters more defined by their lack of compassion. The appeal from benefits reaped made the Devil’s promises and evil itself more appealing. Combined, it was a fantastic horror story inline with Halloween, the coming dark of winter months, and the remembrances of the Great Wars.
I can tell you this story will stay with me. It’s one of the most unique werewolf tales I’ve read yet. Though a short story, it’s a complete tale that’s captivating as well as deep. It has my emotions stirred as much as my thoughts.
I recommend this book. It’s perfect for readers who love dark fiction, WWII fiction, paranormal thrillers, shifter tales, or just great storytelling. Well done!
Headlines, Deadlines, and LiesREVIEWED BY KAREN J. MOSSMAN

The last of the four book series of Murder and Mayhem and the story was brought to a great climax.
Too many books like this end up with all hope lost, mankind defeated, and life sucks. It often makes me think, what’s the point?
Not this one! There will be no spoilers here, although I will say the manic president gets his just desserts. How it happens and what happens is unexpected. We have to have hope.
I’ve really enjoyed this series. Small, satisfying, and extremely entertaining, what more could a reader want? She is my new favourite author and I will be checking out her other stories. I’m pleased to say there are lots of them.
I highly recommend these to all readers who want a fun, fast read.

Keeps Getting Better & Better
All I can say is this series keeps on getting better. I was fortunate enough to start it when the 4th book was set for pre-order, so I didn’t have to wait long. But now I will for the next one. Nooooo!
I’ve always had my issues with Callie as she’s only 16, but they treat her like she’s so special. Maybe she is, but it’s also everyone else around her that makes the difference. And Christopher is starting to develop the supporting characters more. Like her mom, Susan. Kudos to her for getting over her self-pity and addiction, and leading the group in areas they hadn’t thought of.
Phil is another character I have a strong attachment to. But what he and his wife endured at the end, how much will that change him? Will his rediscovered dark nature effect the group? I want to know! Christopher has a handle on the nastier side of human nature. It broke my heart, but I could see it happening, when certain factions just didn’t want to change for the betterment of everyone. They could only see how they had been mistreated and refused to accept how they had been brainwashed by the ruling class of Salvation.
When I think back to the other books in the series, it’s hard to imagine that they have all taken place within a matter of a month or two. This is an action-packed, fast-paced series and it’s hard to put them down until the very end. However, they are not standalones. If you don’t start with Salvation, you’d be hard pressed to see the full dynamics of the story.
If you love coming-of-age, dystopian/post-apocalyptic tales, you need to read this series. I give Anarchy 5-stars.
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