“All cells in our body are vibrating at a very slow rate and giving off certain amounts of energy. And around our body there exists another lighter and finer body of energy that vibrates at a greater rate than those of our cells. This creates our Aura.”


People today think of holistic medicine as “new age” when the truth is, it is a return to ancient practices. Unlike “modern” or “mainstream medicine,” holistic medicine considers the patient as a whole. This means it takes their spiritual dimension into mind as well as their physical for wellbeing. That leads us to auras.

Now, auras can be considered something spiritual. After all, I did just mention the “spiritual dimension” of a person’s wellbeing. However, I am not speaking in relation to one’s faith. I am talking about the vibrations of the cells, which are scientifically proven. They are called the bio-energetic field.

And now you know why this observance for awareness exists. Why not learn more?

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