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Winter lies across the land
Stark and white, and bare.
All is quiet, not a sound,
As if nature didn’t care.

Winter is a lonely place,
A time when everything sleeps.
It goes along at its own pace,
Icing windows and freezing streets.

A wintery, watery sun
Washes over the fields,
And when the day is done.
With darkness, it seals

Animals scurry around,
Searching for bits of food
On the frozen and hard ground
For them to feed their brood.

So put our raisins and nuts.
And something for the hedgehogs
A bowl of water would be lush.
Wrap up when walking the dogs.

Winter really isn’t that bad,
It’s very pretty to the eye,
With silver trees looking fab
On a pale blue wintery sky.

Karen J Mossman

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