When choosing what to write about this month, I tried to look for something different. Different came in the form of a word I’d never come across before.

Wolfenoot is a celebration of canines and kindness and there is a dedicated website and Facebook groups for followers.

Are you like me and never heard of Wolfenoot before? Or maybe you have and want to know more. Then click here.

So where did it originate from?

Wolfenoot is a brand-new holiday created by a 7-year old boy in New Zealand. According to his mother, author Jax Goss, Wolfenoot is “when the Spirit of the Wolf brings and hides small gifts around the house for everyone.” As for where the idea for the new holiday came from, Goss says, with a laugh: “I asked him this. He said, ‘It came from my brain’. So that’s helpful.” She does add that he loves animals of all kinds and has been exposed to conservation ideas thanks to her work at New Zealand’s Hamilton Zoo.

Taken from an article at time.com

Shifters are people that turn into an animal. That was a concept that once never appealed to me. But now, due to reading some excellent books, I’m converted. I’ve read the first three of these. My favourite? The first one., closely followed by the second. Click on the images for more information.

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