Headlines, Deadlines, and LiesREVIEWED BY J.M. NORTHUP

An Intriguing Read
I love archaeology and enjoyed the inclusion of fossil hunting. It gave a unique depth to the story that added to the overall appeal for me. It added an interesting link between ancient myth and modern life.
The cast of characters were diverse and unexpected. The take on this legend was fascinating and not one I’ve encountered yet. It was fresh and thought-provoking.
I think the author did a good job drawing the reader into the atmosphere of the tale and setting. The oppressive undertone added to the horror elements.
Headlines, Deadlines, and LiesREVIEWED BY KAREN J. MOSSMAN

Wow, so much happened in this story, and the penultimate one before the series ends. There is a siege at the hospital, which started in the previous book. That comes to a conclusion, there is a madman on the loose, who thinks he’s the Enlightened one. Nathan shows up again, and Issac finds out the truth about his mother.
It’s such a cracking series, and as I turned the last page something happened that had me race back to Amazon for the last one. Aghh! It’s on preorder and I have to wait till the end of October, sigh.
I imagine the author’s pen has been on fire these last few months writing these books. This really has been an enjoyable series and Grip of Evil takes the story to a new level as it rises to its climax.
Apocalyptic lovers will certainly enjoy this series, and best of all Sam J Fires is a prolific writer, and several other under this same banner.
Headlines, Deadlines, and LiesREVIEWED BY SAHARA FOLEY

Heart Pounding and a Nail Biter
This is the 3rd book in the series and starts with heart-pounding action. You’ll have to hold onto your hats as it zips along from one encounter to the next. It can be a nail-biter. We’re introduced to some old and new characters, as well as new and old enemies. This book does not finish up the series and there are tons of unanswered questions and events that need resolved. So, if you’re the type of reader that doesn’t want to wait for the next book to be come out, you may want to stay away from it. However, it’s well worth the wait.
What I liked was the world-building. Yes, it takes place on Earth, but the planet has changed. So has the social structures. And, again, I could see the research needed for Phil and his tribe to learn to live off what has started to grow after the cataclysmic event. It still got a bit preachy, but it didn’t distract from the story.
I do have some characters I love and I NEED to know what happened to Greenslade. As for Infinity, that’s an awesome concept but will it last? You know how us humans roll. And I’m curious about the Ferals. I think they might surprise us all.
What I didn’t like – Callie. The more I know her, the less I like her. She’s so self-righteous it grates on my nerves. She’s only 15 yeas old, has made some horrible decisions, and yet everyone follows her like she’s some sort of saint. Nope. Also, everyone is so conscious of their limited resources, yet they use their guns like they have an endless supply of bullets.
I’m very much looking forward to what happens next in the Burning Tree saga. I highly recommend the series to fans who love YA, action adventure, and dystopian tales. I give it 5 stars.
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