Life Just Got More Complicated!
The Reaper’s save the day again! I just love this group of crazy heros although for them, it’s just all in a day’s work.
In this 4th book of the series, we meet Famine, the last of the Four Horseman. This is the one all of the other Horseman hate and avoid at all costs except Death, who seems to be motherly towards them.
That aside, Famine is very strange and you just don’t know what they will do next. Life continues to be lived on the edge for Isis and her friends especially with this new horseman in their midst. On top of that, something is going bad for the shifters in town.
The whole Reapers crew just keep growing and expanding as Texarkana is now a safe haven for all supernatural beings. Death’s Reapers are in charge of keeping law and order among the new arrivals.
I have really enjoyed this series. I am sad that the next book is the last of this fun group of misfit heroes.
This is a really good read for people who favor books about the supernatural world, with a definate PG rating and a very loveble group of characters.

A sweet story
I was drawn in right away by the opening page – setting the scene of an empty, mid-lockdown Broadway – before it jumped into the year leading up to the pandemic. This is NOT a book about Covid 19. It IS a book about surviving the big city and learning when – and how – to let go of the dreams of youth.
Cammie is in her mid 30s and has been in New York for two years when she finally gets a break in an off-off-Broadway show. Tom is a distinguished older gentleman who teaches piano by day and plays in a bar at night. The book follows Tom in his youth – 1986 – when he moved to the city to follow dreams of being a classical pianist.; and Cammie in 2019 as she prepares for her first show. As the story jumps from 1986 to 2019, we see the struggles and triumphs of the artists as they come to terms with their choices in life.
I loved the character development throughout the book. At times it felt like Cammie’s pondering was repetitive and drawn out. She thinks in circles, and the author spent a lot of time reiterating the same thoughts. But other than a few grammatical errors, that was the only drawback to this book. The characters are well rounded and 3-dimensional, and the author captures the heady excitement mixed with fear that is living in New York.
This book is part romance, part self discovery, and all entertainment!

Beautiful and Heartbreaking
It has been a while since I read a book of poetry. I am mighty glad this was the one I picked up. The raw, straightforward presentation of the poet’s life is so simple, yet so rich in the emotional depth of the subject matter. Creating imagery that breaks the heart, the poet leads the reader through a childhood full of hard-edged and definitive gender boundaries and stigma that follow them through to their adult life. The lessons drilled home in youth take hold and shape the poet’s choices, all the while shoving down the thoughts that something is not quite right.
I would highly recommend this book especially to the LGBTQ+ community. It is a strong testament to the importance of listening to ones inner voice, fighting against societal norms, and letting ones true self shine. A poignant story, beautifully and heart-achingly told.
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