I am unapologetically an Anglophile and a big reason for that is because of HM Queen Elizabeth II. As a human, woman, and leader, she has inspired me with her selflessness, dedication, and integrity. It saddens me greatly that the world has lost her, but how blessed we’ve been to have had her!

Did you know that not only has HM Queen Elizabeth II‘s reign been the longest of any British monarch, but also, she’s been the only female royal to service in the military as of yet? Yep, this amazing woman serviced in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during WWII. As a veteran, I respect this on many levels, but the main one is because I think any leader who commands the military should’ve served in it. The beloved Queen would never ask anything she wasn’t willing to do herself!

HM the Queen always put the crown before herself. At times, she was misunderstood for putting tradition first, but it’s because she always tried to do what was right and best for her country. Still, she recognized the need of to modernize the monarch so it could flourish for the sake of the people and the happiness of her loved ones. All of which I find admirable.

HM Queen Elizabeth II is certainly a class act. With her passing, it is the end of an era. However, she will live on in our hearts and histories. God Bless the Queen!

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