Someone recently posted some digital drawings on Facebook and mentioned how she had used Procreate.

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During the lockdown of 2020, I read that you can teach yourself to draw. I’ve always wanted to be a pencil artist but didn’t possess any talent whatsoever. One day I can across an article that said it’s possible to teach yourself to draw. So, I bought books, watched YouTube tutorials, and had great fun.

In order to do anything, you need to practice every day, and for over a year I did. One tutorial mentioned Procreate, a digital drawing app. I looked it up and purchased a copy.

Learning how to use it took a while, and I had great fun with that too. Sadly, I stopped doing both in favour of writing books. Now I yearn to draw again and looked back at what I’d done. The desire to pick up my pencil is now very strong. ✏️

Here are a few that I did.

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