I support the search for extraterrestrial intelligence despite the potential risks.
I don’t know of there are aliens out there or not, but it’s worth looking.

I think we can all be friends!
Live by the golden rule

As a child, I was terrified of extraterrestrials. Sure E.T. was cute, but he was also a baby. What about the ones I saw on Twilight Zone (S3 / E24: “To Serve Man“) – the ones who gifted humans with a cookbook? I don’t want to be on anyone’s menu! Still, I couldn’t deny my fascination. I’ve always been drawn to astronomy and all things alien.

Part of my obsession is self-preservation. The more I know, the less fear I have.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Also, the absurdity of some of it just makes me laugh. It puts my mind at ease.

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The other is simply that I don’t believe evil has dominion over good. I disagree with Stephen Hawking (yeah, I know he was a genius). See, there are shitty beings in every species, but life’s a journey and how we learn, grow, and develop – even if we aren’t from Earth. Plus, I refuse to judge another creature based on my human standards. That isn’t fair, especially when we each have a choice about who and what we are or shall become.

TWO WOLVES – A Cherokee Legend

And, as a person of faith, proving aliens exist won’t negate my Creator / Great Spirit. It might change “religion” for some, but it doesn’t change “faith.” God (by whatever name you use) is omnipotent, which means I don’t try to define my Deity. I understand that my ability to comprehend is limited, and it’s really that simple for me.

Let’s search on!

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