Often, people with chronic illnesses or medical conditions become specialized in their knowledge. This self-education is not only important for making good choices, it is vital for quality care and communication amongst the care team. As a person with “female issues,” I have not only gained a wealth of knowledge relating to sexual health and reproductive care, but it is a topic that’s been important to me. I value it not just because I have struggled with women’s health, but more so because generations of women have died due to lack of proper medical teaching, diagnosis, and treatment.

SEXUAL HEALTH – This is about more than intercourse. When discussing sexual health, we’re talking about physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of relationships when related to sex, sexuality, and the relationships forged because of them.
This is just as much for men and transexuals as it is for women. Since I am a female, I approach this topic from my view, experiences, and knowledge – I don’t pretend to understand another’s journey. That’s why I read – to try to see through another’s eyes and walk in their shoes the only way I know how to.

CONTRACEPTION (reproductive health) – When we discuss contraception, we’re really talking about reproductive health. It’s not about abortion or even preventing a pregnancy, necessarily. For many women, oral contraception is required for proper mensuration. It goes further than choosing whether to become a mother or not. It can be the difference between life and death – literally.
Hormone birth control options can significantly reduce the risk of cancer for women. It can help to reduce or eliminate cysts, anemia, and even endometriosis.

I am not one to preach about this stuff. I believe you NEED to be an active participant in your healthcare and that involves research. So, with that being said, I want to take the opportunities of these two observances to bring some awareness and to offer some books to help start your journey:

The Family Library (3 Books) 
I’m a Girl (5 books)
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