With Karen J Mossman

So often we hear about a book when it is released, so we’d like to find out more about the process, and of the people who helped it along the way.

Why are we featuring this book?

We are nearing the anniversary of when The Killer on the Heath was published.

Who are you and What is Your Book?

I’m Karen, one of the three authors of Norns. My book is a paranormal crime thriller novella, called The Killer on the Heath.

When did this story first make itself known to you?

The protagonist is called a Cassidy Newbold and her name first came to mind one night when I couldn’t sleep. Over the next few nights, I built the story around the name. It was a few weeks before I could commit it to paper, because I kept falling asleep.

Roughly, how long did it take to write it, and what was your process after the first draft?

That’s hard to say because it started out as a collection of short stories that I built up over time. About a year after I published those, I rewrote it as one story, but added the crime and thriller elements to make it more substantial. It bears little resemblance to the original.

Did you have to do any research? Tell us a little about that.

My editor, Julie, one of the three authors of Norns, introduced me to empaths. This worked really well with Cassidy’s, clairvoyant abilities. I’d read lots of stories about crystal balls, and seances, and wanted to do something different whilst keeping the main clairvoyant elements.

Who are your main characters? Tell us about them.

Cassie and Seb Newbold, are a brother and sister, and twins. Seb is a police detective and although he doesn’t have an ability like his sister, he is skilled at finding people. But he is finely attuned to Cassie. He can sense when she is in trouble, and if necessary he can always find her.

Cassie is an empath and a clairvoyant. She helps her brother with criminal cases. Cassie is a quirky soul with a great sense of humour. Her one big vice is being drawn to good looking men. Something that often doesn’t end well emotionally for her.

Once the story is complete, tell us about your editor. Also, did the editor enhance it, if so how?

Oh goodness, yes. Julie Northup is a wonderful editor, (and writer). She brought out aspects of the story I hadn’t thought about. Her suggested rewrites opened the door to my imagination and Cassie became more of a personality, and often a force to be reckoned with. Without Julie, this story would not be as good as it eventually became.

Now tell us about the formatting, who does that, and how did you decide on your book cover?

Julie is particular about the formatting of Norns book. They are aesthetically pleasing on the eye. This adds to the reading experience. The original cover was done by Michelle at Ebook Covers online. I loved the girl in the picture, and when we decided to redesign the cover, Julie used her. There are also two follow up books and their covers are beautiful, again using the same model.

How long did it take from conception until the publication of The Killer on the Heath

About three years in total, I would think, with the writing, the rewriting and editing.

Why do you think readers will like this book?

Because it is gritty and emotional as well as being funny and serious. Life is like that, so I think it will appeal to all readers.

Thank you for allowing us to learn more about The Killer on the Heath and about you. Lastly, please tell us about your hometown or city. Apart from being famous for having such a talented author living there, what else is it famous for?

I live on Anglesey, which is a very small island off the north Wales coast. Our island is steeped in history from standing stones to ancient chapels. And of course, we are surround by beautiful beaches. During the summer month our population swells as tourists travel from afar to visit us. Holyhead, at the top of the island, is the Stener ferry port which goes across to Ireland.

Book Description

A woman is dead, and another is missing. The only person who can save her is Cassie.
With no clues and time running out, her brother, Detective Newbold, desperately needs her help. He is counting on Cassie’s clairvoyant and empathic abilities to locate Chantelle.

When Chantelle’s brother, Pedro, seeks out a psychic for help, he meets and falls for Cassie. Though he wants answers, neither Cassie nor Detective Newbold can give any, which complicates their relationship. To make matters worse, his overbearing mother adds further damage with her meddling.

Meanwhile, the killer has been caught, but he refuses to talk. Now, it’s up to Cassie to read the signs and rescue her lover’s sister.

Will she find the answers in time?

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