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Living in Wales and being a quarter Welsh, it seemed appropriate that I talk about Welsh Rabebit.

Legend has it that cheese was a substitute for meat and it was all the Welsh peasants could afford at that time.

In 1747, the dish appeared as Welsh “Rabbit” in a cookbook by Hannah Glasse, called The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy.

There is a difference between Welsh Rarebit and Cheese on Toast. The latter is grilled slices of pure cheese on toasted bread whereas Welsh Rarebit is a grilled cheese-based sauce made from cheese, known as ‘caws pobi’. Restaurants in Wales serve it as a delicious lunchtime menu.

These days it is presented in many different ways with chefs using some of the ingredients listed below.

  • Worcester Sause
  • Mustard
  • Beer or Guinness
  • Pepper Sauce or Tabasco
  • Flour