Heart of the Inferno (3 book series)

Utterly Absorbing & Immensely Enjoyable
This is a romantic Mafia story. A friend suggested it to me. At over 400 words long, I wouldn’t have read it no matter how appealing the blurb. However, my friend’s enthusiasm won me over.
Natalie, is an ordinary women attending a family wedding in a Chicago hotel. She doesn’t expect to run into the hotel owner, handsome Mafia Don, Jaxon Pace, and fall for him. This is when the sparks fly, and the reader is sucked right in.
Each chapter is written in the first person. We go between Natalie and Jaxon and within that, we are treated to their thoughts in reaction to a situation. This made it incredibly intimate.
Equal amounts of the story were dedicated to the business side of Jaxon’s operation, as well as the slow brewing romance with Natalie.
In two days, I read over half the book, unable to put it down.
The supporting cast were Jaxon’s right hand men. Each of them had their own back story, and I fell in love with these hard men.
Every word, every paragraph of this massive book, counted. But, in my opinion, it would have been better as two books.
Although not a cliff hanger ending, it was incomplete, as there were still questions to be answered. I wanted to know what happens next; I wanted to be back with the characters I’d come to love. Was there a hope the second book would be slightly smaller? Not a chance! Book Two, Ignite is hundred pages longer.
Would I recommend Catalyst? Oh yes, one hundred percent, yes. I adored it. Catalyst, will go down as my best read of the year so far.
Will I read Ignite? As much as I long to, I don’t think so. Had it been two books, then, yes, I’d have taken the series at my pace.
But will I be able to resist the lure of Jaxon and Natalie?

Beautiful, Violent, Compelling and Emotional
This is the second book in the Heart of the Inferno series. It tells the story of Jaxon Pace and Natalie Tyler, their romance, and his mafia empire.
Just like the first book Catalyst, it contains tender loving moments, explicit bedroom scenes, and horrific mafia violence. At times I gasped out loud at an unexpected turn of events. Or, my breath hitched when something beautiful happened.
There’s no doubt this author is a gifted storyteller and cares deeply about her books. The editing, plot, and formatting were all impeccable.
I love her use of capital letters to express rage or high emotions. She doesn’t just say gunfire, she literally interrupts a conversation with BANG! Not only are the characters shocked, but the readers, too.
If you thought you would take a break from reading, you won’t, you can’t. This is a page-turner.
What I didn’t like, and I said it with Catalyst, is that it should have been two books. For a voracious reader like me, it felt overwhelming at times. What more could the author tell? Well, plenty actually. There were no wasted words, scenes, or actions. The story filled every one of those 561 pages.
So who would like to read this? I would say readers who love to get their teeth into a great series. Gritty, powerful, romantic, and full of action. It will satisfy the desires of a variety of readers.