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Today, everyone knows how important honey bees are to our world. According to the “Honey bees pollinate $15 billion worth of crops each year, including more than 130 fruits and vegetables.” And that’s in the United States alone. In addition to their mad horticulture and agriculture skills, but their by-product, HONEY, is vital for humans, too. Did you know many medicines are made from it? Don’t even get me started on beeswax!

It is believed that a person’s seasonal allergies will eventually lessen over time if they consume local honey. This hasn’t been consistently duplicated in clinical studies, but it has been effective for many people.

There’s really no question as to why we’d be celebrating these amazing critters or the products they help create. However, you might be asking: why September? Well, the answer is easy. See, beekeepers tend to harvest their yield, secure their hives, and prepare for winter during September, so it makes sense.

Why not celebrate today’s event by sweetening a cup of tea with honey, grabbing a book, and sitting outside to enjoy the last days of summer.
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