C is for… SID?

Cookie Monster’s real name is SID. He revealed it on Sesame Street in a song in 2004 and again during an interview in 2017.

Sesame Street: The First Time Me Eat Cookie
Cookie Monster acknowledges his name at timestamp 7:20
Cookie Monster’s Real name is Sid
In Utah, birds have the right of way on a highway.

I haven’t found any conclusive proof of this, though there are lots of references to this under “stupid” and “silly” law.

library.municode.com shows Title 12 – ROADS, SIDEWALKS AND PUBLIC PLACES for Utah discussing birds. Under 12.14.030 – Rules, regulations and requirements, it states under J – “Interference with Animals or Fowl Prohibited. No person shall annoy, injure, release from confinement, or in any manner interfere with any swan, duck, goose, bird or any other animal in a park.” It says violations can be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.

So, if a bird flies into my car on the highway in Utah, am I going to jail?

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