Time passes way too fast. Often, I feel as though I don’t have enough time to accomplish everything I want. I’ve come to understand and believe the Andy Rooney quote about toilet paper. LOL

As a writer, I struggle to balance real life with the worlds that exist in my head. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. An eternal battle for all artists is to know when a project is “finished.” For authors, it is hard to look back on old work because you are constantly learning, growing, and maturing. You want to always give the best you have to your readers, so you debate whether to re-do what’s been done or continue forward, developing new projects. That is where I am.

Currently, I am working to get Karen’s work up as fast as I can since Sahara & I want to ensure all products are the best quality they can be. In doing that, I give so much of my creativity to her projects as well as my other responsibilities. It leaves little left at the end of each day to my own writing. That bothers Sahara and Karen, but I currently don’t know how to remedy it. I feel Karen should come first as I am her publisher and editor. She should not have to wait on me any more than she already does.

As I look at my own stories, I wonder what to pick up. I have five titles published that I felt needed the least amount of editing. I’m not satisfied (as an artist, I know probably never will be), especially because I’ve grown since their release. Still, I want to move on. I have several other books to get ready to republish, but how much should I change them? At times, this question can be halting creatively. At others, it can motivate me to reconstruct the books from scratch.

What are your thoughts as readers?