Welcome to my little corner of Norns. This is the second KK of the month and I’ll be sharing my writing news.

I love fiction. Stories are around us everyday in one way or another. I used to love listening to snippets of conversation as they inspired me to conjure up all sorts of little tales. I wrote lots, and put them away. It’s about time I set them free, don’t you think?

I’ve been rewriting and revamping and the first one is ready. All from seeing a man drinking from a flask on a bench whilst out walking one day.

Come over to my blog to read it and don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoyed it. 😀

It’s also a long time since I wrote anything new, and I have. It’s still in its infancy, and needs a bit more work. The Lure of the Snake is about a girl with amnesia. She’s fixated on the reptile, and it could be the key to remembering who she is. I’ll share it with you soon.