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I don’t need a reason to love books nor want to read. For me, everyday is book lovers day.

My mom was an avid reader. I admired her ability as mine didn’t come naturally. I was someone who had to read out loud to stay focused, and it irritated everyone around me. When I finally whispered my way in exile from the room, I’d be too depressed to enjoy reading. I felt alone and ostracized. Thankfully, I didn’t let that deter me. Instead, I used that to fuel my desire to be better.

I learned early on that reading is a practiced skill. It is no different than playing a sport or instrument. The more I read, the easier it became… my speed increased, my focus intensified, my retention improved. I think as we celebrate all things books, I’d like to encourage those who struggle the way I did to embrace literature. Don’t give up. Don’t stress. It is all about the journey.

Today, especially, enjoy the experience. There’s no need to rush – it isn’t a race. No one is in competition with you. Reading and books are all about YOU. Take some time to invest in the thrilling stories of people, places, and experiences that area awaiting you.

Here are some books I thought looked fun: