I Have A New Series!
I have a new series to get into! I love a great series and this one has punched all the buttons for me.
First off, author D. C. Gomez does a great job with conversation between the characters. I love the flow of the relationships and expressiveness of the dialog! 5 stars right there.
Character development was also 5 star. Do I still have questions about the how and why of some of the players? Why yes! That’s what a great series does. From this first book, I got enough to really become invested in the story. I am definately looking forward to the next book in the series to gleen more of each person’s mysterious background.
The fact that this story is about Death, who is a character and about all things mystical, also makes this my kind of book. I loved the relationship development between the three main characters. Isis, the new intern for Death, a young boy, Bartholomew and Constentine, a talking cat and Death’s righthand “man” along with Death, make up the main players with several more to grab your attention.
I am very excited to read the next story in the series!

Better Than The First Book!
In this second book of D. C. Gomez’s Intern Diaries, Isis Black and the gang have a zombie plague to overcome.
We get introduced to Death’s sister, Pestilence, who’s crew of all male scientist, create the world’s ills. I enjoyed the obvious rivalry between the two of them.
I love the way Gomez writes dialog! It’s worth saying in this review as well. The flow and clever banter is very entertaining.
This could be a stand alone book but personally, I could not just walk away from these characters. (Starting the third book next!)
I recommend this to people who enjoy urban fantasy and also for someone that just needs a great distraction from real life
Descendants of AvalonREVIEWED BY SUSAN

I’m truly unsure how to rate Descendants of Avalon, Book 1. I was pleasantly surprised by the extent of information the author, J. Lynn Else, knew and shared about the story of King Arthur. It was fun to learn parts of the story I wasn’t aware of. Basically, the book tells the story of a group of girls who make a wish at a wishing well and how the power of their wish brings them to Avalon. Parts of the story were clear and straightforward. I like the romance between Genie and one of the knights of the Round Table, Tristan.
There are parts of the story, however, that just didn’t jive and weren’t clearly explained. I don’t feel that the author clearly tied in parts of the story and left me to try and figure out how it all related to the wish and the quest. It felt that some of the content seemed adolescent and rudimentary. It would be a good young reader’s book, and perhaps that it is who it is slated for. Taking all of this into consideration, I would rate it a 3.5.

This is the first book by Mack Little that I have read, and I hope it is not the last! The story telling is enthralling, the characters are flushed out and whole.
As an enthusiastic fan of historical fiction, I appreciated how the author does not romanticize the realities of the times, but addresses the very real issues of slavery and the horrifying treatment of people of color with solemnity and respect. While keeping the reader painfully aware of the truth of the times, Little creates a world with characters so rich, they seem to walk straight out of the pages and into my living room.
My heart broke for Lei and Dinny as they were separated by the sea. I ached for young Pax, forced into adulthood at a painfully young age, and his brother Ivan, torn between his first love and the ruthless pirate who seeks his affection. And Ami, who longs to be a warrior, blessed with gifts of sight, facing a possible future not of her design. With a firm grasp on the line between fantastic and over the top, Mack Little weaves a spell of adventure, betrayal, love, and revenge that I will not soon forget.
This book is perfect for readers of historical fiction, adventure, and romance. READ IT!!! You will be left wanting more!

Original and, well, spellbinding!
This is the first book by these authors that I have read. The Garretts have a beautiful grasp of descriptive story telling. The scenes they set are, truly, spellbinding. I could hear the insects in the swamp and feel the warm breeze of the bayou as I read.
As we follow the young Garreth and Raven through their adventures, the growing bond between them is infectious. Even the witch is written in such a way that the reader feels empathy for her, and she is not so much the villain as another soul caught up in the whirlwind of the joys and sorrows of life. The story is filled with adventure and emotion, as the two young people navigate through the deep waters of a budding romance that is tainted by both of their wishes to save their respective parents. At the end, I was left with a keen desire to know what was next for these intriguing characters. The only thing I could have wished for was that it was longer!
I would recommend this book to those who love magical tales of adventure in a coming-of-age setting, and rich descriptive scene-setting.