July 23rd, my sister, Jodi, married her best friend, John. Best friends for over 34 years, sometimes fear of losing the one you love can prevent you from embracing them completely. I’m thankful they have finally found their way to one another as they are truly meant for each other, and I am thankful I was able to share in their special day!

In addition, Jodi and I were able to spend a special week leading up to the wedding with our sister, Patti. It was something we hadn’t been able to do in nearly 31 years, and in truth, it’ll most likely be the only sister week we’ll share in our adult lives. Not because we don’t love one another, but rather, we have busy lives in separate parts of the country.

We all have responsibilities – the main ones being family and work. Excitingly, Patti was blessed with a new addition to hers – her first granddaughter was born July 24th. There’s been a lot to celebrate this month!

On our way to MN, Dusty & I had to go to IA. While there, we saw a doe crossing a river with her fawn.
My sisters & I did a lot of hiking while we were together.
Our favorite hike was along the St. Croix River near Taylor’s Falls – a place we frequented as kids.
It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t act silly. Here I am trying to be a bear jumping out of the woods. LOL
My kitties were happy when I returned home!

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