Book 3 of 3: A Deadly Sins Novel
otterly into youREVIEWED BY J.M. NORTHUP

Sinfully Twisted Dark Tale
This is a difficult review for me. I opted to read MINE with a bibliophile friend so we could discuss the title as we went (something we both love). We ended up completely enthralled with the story, absorbed and unable to really discuss it until the end. LOL
What I loved about it was the twists and turns. I cannot count how many times I gasped. There were so many surprises along the journey of this dark tale. I am sure some of it was shocking to me simply because it is not fathomable for my naïve mind. LOL
What I didn’t like was that this should have been a 5-star, hands down. However, in Part III (the story is divided into three parts), details become inconsistent, and I found myself arguing with the errors I easily recognized. Small adjustments would solve the issues, but it completely disrupted the engagement I’d otherwise had with the reading experience. It was a bit disappointing, to be honest.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a great book for those who love a sultry mystery thriller. It’s naughty without being tawdry – cruel without being explicit. The pacing is excellent and the crimes sinful. This novel quickly becomes a short read because you cannot set it down.

Diabolically Devious
This is the first book I’ve read by Rachael Tamayo and what a ride. Such dark, twisted, psychotic fun. Made me think of Fatal Attraction with the mentality of Mad Max.
I have to admit, it took a few pages for me to get used to the writing style. Once I did, though, Quicksand. Man, I got sucked in so fast and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Every revelation was a shock to my system. How can people be so devious? So greedy? So uncaring?
There’s a lot of backstabbing in the story so I can’t go into too much detail about the individual characters. Suffice it to say, villains come in many different flavors. Poor Abbey.
As I raced through the story and hit Part 3, on went the brakes. Here I found timeline inconsistencies, actions and deeds done prior that were now walked back to get another character into line. It all felt too pat. Too contrived. Problems that could have been fixed with a developmental editor.
This should have been a 5-star rating, but instead, I’m downgrading to 4-stars. Still, I highly recommend the book for people who can’t get enough of psychological thrillers and a roller-coaster of a ride.
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