These days, I tend to read ebooks, but nothing will replace a paperback for me. The joy of books was ingrained in me. My house was filled with paperbacks as my mom was an avid reader. Plus, we made frequent trips to the local library. Oh, how I loved roaming the aisles… It was a treasure trove!

There are many reasons I love and prefer paperback books. For one thing, they’re easier on the eyes. You don’t have to worry about glare and eye fatigue is much less than on a backlit screen. Also, a paperback never runs out of battery or requires charging. It is just as portable while being a tangible connection with reality.

July 30th is Paperback Book Day. It is a time to enjoy the tradition of holding a story in your hands. I thought readers might enjoy learning some of my favorite reads as I suggest some great titles by my favorite writers:

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