Ark My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emotional Retro & Introspection For Life
The flow of this story and its organization definitely fit the sentiment. It has retrospection that sometimes seemed out of place but, as with life, eventually finds personal meaning for the protagonist. It ends up being quite emotional and the feel of it is befitting of the character’s journey.
What I liked was Samantha and Hagen’s relationship. The connection they had was beautiful in so many ways. It was what actually drew me into the story.
I usually say what I dislike at this point. With this book, that’s so hard. The author is skilled at making the reader think profoundly, which I love, but it does take a bit for all the pieces to come together. I can see how it might not appeal to readers who want more action. Still, if you give up the discovery of this story based on that, you’d miss something special.
I recommend this book for those book lovers who enjoy end-of-times tales, self discovery stories, thought-provoking reads, and futuristic fiction. This is a quick read, but it will stay with you after you finish. There’s some beautiful thoughts, lovely excerpts, and it’s rather moving. Summer Frost My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow – Extraordinary!
I’m thunderstruck.
This short story is so powerful and complete to the point that there’s nothing short about it. It consumed me as I hungrily read through the pages. Max fascinated me as much as they did Riley.
What I loved was the journey of discovery. The profound questions asked by both Riley and Max were revealing as well as justified. The subject of gender identification was just as relevant as what makes one human or defining consciousness. It was a very unique look at the world, especially with how things are being redefined in modern society and with some questioning if we might be living in a virtual environment, like Matrix, after all.
What I disliked was the violence Max was born into to. Games and entertainment tend to have this gruesome element, which seems unnecessary to me. I didn’t see is purpose in the world that created Max, but I can see how it could ignite them into wanting a way to escape that reality. The desire to be free from that cruelty was a very humane quality in my estimation.
I highly recommend this book. It will take you on one hell of an adventure, for sure. It was moving, haunting, and just… wow. Yeah, it’s really good – you’ll want to read it!! Emergency Skin My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing View of Humanity
Yes! Yes! Yes! Can we make this a reality? LOL
I don’t want to give any spoilers, yet all I want is to chat about this story with other readers. It’s profound, intense, surprising… amazing!
What I loved was Earth and who/what we had the potential to be. The author’s comments about borders and resources was accurate and truthful. Her assessment of what’s polluting our world poignant because it’s true.
What I disliked had to do with the Founders and their flawed mentality – so reminiscent of Nazis and ideas of a superior Aryan race. It’s so disturbing and, truly, a horror.
I recommend this short story to everyone. It has an important message contained in the engaging and captivating tale. Readers who love sci-fi to those studying sociology will find it fascinating. It’s so good!! You Have Arrived at Your Destination My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A New View of IVF
This twist on a couple’s desire to start their family via IVF is unexpected. It’s thought-provoking and disturbing, but original and plausible. The story gets your mind wondering…
What I liked was the protagonist’s introspection about his experiences. It gave more insight about who he is as well as who his wife is and the relationship they share. It was a cool way to present the tale.
What I disliked can be a spoiler, so I need to be cautious… I’ll simple say, the ending wigged me out a bit. LOL It was a little to “show-and-tell” with strangers for me.
There’s a creep factor to this story because of the genetic engineering aspects. It gives richness to this dark short story. If you enjoy sci-fi, you’ll find this quick read a delight. The Last Conversation My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hauntingly Classic
The descriptions of stimulus and textile help bring this sterile world to life in such an interesting way. To be put in the protagonist’s POV adds a haunting layer, which heightens the mystery as well as the emotion. This is delicious sci-fi.
What I liked was the introspection of the protagonist. You felt their frustration and confusion. Their journey opens may topics for discussion.
What I disliked was Dr. Kuhn’s seemingly lack of empathy/sympathy. For a doctor, she seemed rather unemotional at times. I won’t give spoilers, but makes you wonder why… at times, I wondered if she might be alien or AI (you’ll have to read the story to know the answer).
If you are a fan of Ray Bradbury, like me, this will feel like home. It is classic in so many ways. Readers who love genetic engineering, futuristic fiction, and just a twisted tale will want to read this short! Randomize My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Modernized Ocean’s 11
I’m not a fan of crowds, casinos, or Vegas. Still, I understand the allure and the history of it all. I know what draws people to Sin City and why it is such a huge business. This tale does a great job helping to illustrate both the allure and the sins.
What I liked was the authentic characters. I felt the author did a great job not only creating a plausible plot, but also showing that greed isn’t always monetary. Sometimes, people are drive by other sorts of motivations. I liked that this story was a bit out-of-box when it came to those elements. The psychology made it more enjoyable for me. In addition, I liked how different types of intelligence were highlighted, as in the case with the married couple.
What I disliked was that, in the end, it eventually did come back to money and power. Even though it was an original twist on an old crime, it was still the deserve to be on the top of the hill.
If you love Ocean’s 11, then this is a book for you. It is witty, quick, and twisted. A modern short story to bet on!
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