I’m not sure when I knew I loved horses. I’ve always had an affinity with them.

My earliest memory was aged eight and being taken across town by two teenage, very grown up girls, (16 and 17 year olds) to a riding stables. We’d spend all day there. I loved it.

My mum often took us to visit her parents who lived over 60 miles away. It was a real treat as her sister, my auntie, would take me to her local stables. We had some great treks in the countryside..

As a teenager, I would go out for the day horse trekking, and when on holiday, riding in the Welsh hills. It was beautiful.

These days, I don’t ride and haven’t done since my twenties. my love of horse has always remained.

The only photos I have are these. And now I write horses into my stories whenever I can.

And when I ventured into drawing, I did these.

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