Paranormal and Unexplained Mysteries (13 book series)
Majestic 12
Informative & Well Researched
This is a fascinating topic that has captured my interest since the first time I heard mention of it as a youth. Of course, that’s what drew me to this short book, but what kept me was the meticulous detail. I love all researched material.
What I liked was how the author presented what could be fact versus fiction, why, and what evidence supports that believe. It not only have the reader a better understanding of the topic (the Majestic 12) but of other issues, such as what disinformation really is or how, and why, it’s used. I appreciated the unexplained, unsolved argument being presented in a non-biased but still humorous way that allowed me to make my own conclusions.
What I disliked… that’s a harder one because my instinct is to say that I don’t have the answers I want. LOL. That’s dumb as I knew I wouldn’t – “unexplained mysteries” – but it’s no less true. Propaganda and disinformation is such a disservice to history despite my understanding it’s purpose or the potential value it has a a tool, specially in wartime. I just prefer truth… and time to digest and cope with the harsher truths reality sometimes holds.
This is a non-fiction piece, but it certainly appeals to any reader who loves paranormal, mysteries, aliens, ufology, or a quick read. It’s, also, good for those who are interested in American history and Stanton Friedman. I recommend this story – it’s very cool, especially since I know a lot about the people and events mentioned.
Fourth Quadrant
Interesting Abductions
This quick read in interesting. It poses some new abduction stories I’ve not heard yet, and asks many questions I’ve considered myself. It definitely tickled my fancy.
There wasn’t a plot per se. It was more an intrigue of what abductions might possibly be, why they may be happening, and a few reports. Still, it’s a fun read for those who love UFOlogy. It gets the juices flowing.
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