The Wyoming Chronicles (2 book series)
Dissolution: The Wyoming Chronicles: Book One

This is a large book of 394 pages, probably a little larger than I like to read, but that pales into oblivion when the story is as good as this one.
It’s the first time I’ve read this popular author and I must say, what a joy to read. Every word counted in moving the story along explaining why society broke down. There is no natural disaster, no big bang and it all happened with one simple action. The banks closed. The effect was like a line of dominoes crashing into each other.
Sam Delgado, a normal every day guy is suddenly thrown into an abnormal situation. Forced to fight the crisis he and his friends found themselves in, Sam has a tough time, both mentally and physically.
I found myself swept along with everybody else, feeling their panic and fear. I held my breath devouring the words to find out what would happen. How would they cope? What would they do?
The story absorbed all my downtime and when it ended, I knew it had really only just begun.
As I wrote this review, the second book emerged on Social Media. I only saw the cover. It made me wonder where the characters would go from there. I couldn’t see they lives changing anymore drastically than they already had. So how would the plot evolve?
I then read the description. Wow. I hadn’t expected that and, as it was in Kindle Unlimited, I immediately downloaded.
Lovers of apocalyptic stories will really enjoy this one. I wholly recommend it.
Fourth Quadrant
Fourth Quadrant: The Wyoming Chronicles: Book Two

This is the second book I’ve read by W Michael Gear, and second of The Wyoming Chronicles series. Dissolution was the first, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I really liked that this had so much edge-of-the-seat action.
Lauren is the main protagonist. She starts as a mere bank teller and ends up being a hero as she runs supplies between checkpoints. What she endured in a world turned upside down was incredible.
The only thing I disliked was how the story occasionally switched from past to present tense. Then, towards the last chapter it switched view points before going back again. Having said that, it didn’t spoil anything because by that point I was totally sucked in and invested in the story.
If you love post apocalyptic tales as I do, then you’ll love this. It is fast-paced, exciting, shocking, breathtaking, and much more. A great story that I truly recommend.
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