Paranormal is a term used to describe occurrences that can’t be explained by ordinary scientific measures. Today is a day for those who believe in paranormal activity to come together and share their experiences.

Personally, I haven’t experienced anything, and have no desire to do so,either! Do I believe it? I’d like to say no, but I’ve watched strange things on YouTube and heard stories from others, so who knows?

Jack Hunter, an anthropologist, and Welsh author has been fascinated by the paranormal for many years. He described his own experience, at a séance where he felt his hand “being pushed up by a balloon of air.”

“My left hand started to literally move around; it was almost as if it was waving. And I was in a strange state of mind, where I realized that, you know, I’m not consciously willing this to move — I don’t know what it means. It really freaked me out.”

You can read more of what Hunter had to say in the full article here.

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Have you ever experienced anything that you couldn’t explain?

Or are you like me who just enjoys a paranormal book?