Heroes… Right away I think abiout the common people who do for tohers without expect anything in return. Our military, civil servants, garbage people, teachers… medical staff, there are so many unsung heroes in this world.

Of course, we are talking about National Superhero Day, so… Superheroes…

We immediately think of Marvel, especially with the amazing movies, books, and comics they have available. at least, I do – I immediately think of some of my favorites:

Black Widow – no super powers, but she is intelligent, strong, and compassionate.
Hulk – Always struggling to control his anger, he works to find the balance between his incredible intellect and overwhelming emotions, yet still helps people.
Captain American & The Winter Soldier – Their friendship saves them more times than not. It is in remember who they want to be that they can overcome the urges of the darkness that lurks inside them.

Who are your favorites?
Discover the superheroes in a new way today: