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The Smoke in His Eyes: A Magical Realism, Musical NovelREVIEWED BY DEBBIE

This is the first book I have read by this author. It is a stand alone story with characters who are from very different backgrounds that come together to achieve, what they assume is the same goal. As the story spins out, each of the main characters, TJ and Lila come to understand their very individual reasons for chasing the dream of being a musician and what that means to each of them.
There is a mystical element that pulled me in, wanting more, turning pages to get to see what TJ’s odd visions were all about. I loved the friendship that first develops between TJ and Lila as they both try to find their way through college with music as their major. I also loved when I finally came to understand what was happening to TJ. The author’s imagination was on display in the final half of this book. I found it enchanting and complex.
There was really nothing for me to dislike about this novel, except maybe how long it took to understand the mystical part of this story. For that though, I blame my own impatience because in the end, I felt it was perfectly planned and laid out. There is a lot of sexual references but they are not too explicit and very important to the story.
I feel that readers who love music, mystical stories and to some degree, coming of age tales will love this book. The conversations and relationships are well written and thought provoking.
Headlines, Deadlines, and LiesREVIEWED BY SUSAN

The story is about geneaology
Reading Stephanie Lavigne’s “Headlines, Deadlines and Lies” was quite entertaining. It would be a good fit for any one who loves a cozy mystery story. Her prose style is fluid and she makes sure to add some levity to her writing so it is not onerous to read. A clever plot, with enough last-minute revelations to keep you guessing. She would lead you one way, then spin you around and take you in another direction.
Her characters did come to life for me, and I have to admit I liked the sidekick, Boots, more than the main character, Piper. Boots was so vivacious and spunky that you wished she was your friend, too. Piper was more subdued and had a lot of angst about her life’s course throughout almost the entire book.
Although a good, solid read, the subject matter of genealogy was not my cup of tea. I felt there was a lot of extraneous information about genealogy that did not move the plot along but instead, made it difficult to get through. In fact, I skipped over parts of the book that related to it because it was so dry. I would rate this a four because it was a delight to read, especially if one were interested in genealogy.

This is my first book from this author, and is a stand alone story. There were times when the plot lagged, but moments of humor and conflict as well.
I was conflicted about this book. I felt for the main character – AC. His life doesn’t always seem to be his own, and there are people around him that would use his humiliation to their benefit. However, overall he was not, for me, a likeable guy. A bit two-dimensional and shallow for my taste.
The plot was difficult to find beneath all the sidebar-esque narrative. It seemed that every metaphor and simile to cross the author’s mind was included in the story, and it greatly distracted from the plot, and the likeability of the main character. The author’s descriptive commentary on the world these characters find themselves in was insightful and humorous, but did not help in the continuity of the story for me.
While I personally had some issues with the writer’s style, this was an entertaining story. AC’s ability to – at least on the surface – accept the not-so-positive attention his many public foibles bring him makes the story relatable to others who may attract bad luck wherever they go. Social media plays a large role as well, which gives the story a thoroughly modern feel. AC thinks himself very clever, which leads to more darkly hilarious antics in the end.
Anyone looking for a dark, self-deprecating, revenge-driven story will find just what they are looking for in this book.

This is the first book I have read by this author. It is the first in a new series by the author, and sets up the characters well for future adventures. There were moments when the story seemed to stall, but the pacing was overall great, and fed the desire to keep reading.
I loved the protagonist and her best friend. Their relationship had its bumps and stumbles, like any long-lasting friendship does. But there is an underlying unconditional commitment to each other that engages the reader and has you rooting for Jane and Sadie to overcome anything the world throws at them.
There were times when the quick, short chapters that bounced from character to character seemed a little too short. However, this literary technique kept this reader on the edge of her seat, and aided in sustaining the suspense throughout the story.
I also felt there were moments when the characters’ thoughts went around in circles – not really moving the development or plot along, but repeating previously shared feelings. However, the growth of the “good guys” and the descent into obsession of the antagonist played well overall. Jane and Sadie grow more confident as individuals, which makes them even stronger together, and Rick’s loss of his carefully manicured control propels the plot and keeps the reader wanting more.
This book had twists and turns, action, and just enough paranormal element to interest a fan of the paranormal thriller. I am excited to see what JP McLean has in store for Jane and the gang in the next adventure.
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