I am passionate about literacy, which is one of the reasons I try to always find interesting and fun ways to connect readers with books. It is one of the reasons I began our blog series, #BooksForTheHoliday, along with a few others. World Book Night is a time when we are to celebrate reading and books – to embrace our free (or leisure) time to enjoy the treasures of literature. It isn’t to stave off boredom, but rather to enhance our empathy, intelligence, vocabulary, and relationships. See, those are only a few things we can gain from reading books. Add in the amazing outings your community has, and you will find there are even greater benefits to valuing this gift.

World Book Night is intended to inspire people to read. With connections between mental health issues and illiteracy, encouraging the ability to read becomes even more crucial in society. Literacy is about more than just reading – Studies prove it helps develop critical thinking as well as concentration, discipline, and imagination. And when you read with your kids, you not only help build vocabulary and fluency in language, you are bonding with your children while instilling a lifelong love of literature.


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