March… National Craft Month is a time to enjoy creativity. It’s a yearly observance used to encourage relaxation and self-expression through paper, wood, fabric, metals – whatever inspires people. It’s a time to not only benefit from being an artist (lowering one’s blood pressure or learning a new skill), but it’s also an opportunity to make something that could be given to the community (such as blankets or ceramics mugs). There’s no limit to the beauty and joy that can be expressed and shared!

Additionally, March 14th is the annual celebration of National Children’s Craft Day. This only enhances National Craft Month by giving more focus to our youth. This is an even bigger benefits as it helps children to feel included, teaches them to follow direction, helps them to learn to overcome shyness and mistakes while mastering a new skill, and – my favorite – builds their reading comprehension!

Come on, Everybody- let’s get our crafts on!

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