So often we hear about a book as it is published, but I want to find out about the process and of the people who helped along the way.

Why are we featuring this book?

The anniversary of my book is coming up in February and I wanted to highlight what it took to get it to publication. 

Please tell us the name of your book and a little about the story?

It’s called The Power of Love and it’s a fairy tale with all the traditional things you’d expect to find. There is a brooding king, a lost prince, a queen, held in the tower of a castle, a palace, and of course, the happy ever after ending.

When did this story first make itself known to you?

There was no specific moment. I always knew that I wanted to write a fairy tale because as I child I loved them. Now as an adult I enjoy reading the retelling of our favourite stories in adult books. 

Roughly, how long did it take to write it, and what was your process after your first draft?

As this is a short story. It really didn’t take long at all. Afterwards, I send it to my kindle to read it through just like a normal book. This helps me spot any consistencies.  When I’m happy with it and have done any corrections and additions. I send it to my editor. 

Did you have to do any research? Tell us a little about that.

The research came from the stories of my childhood. I’ve never forgotten them and why they felt magical to read..

Who are your main characters? Tell about them.

Jorge is the main character and when he hears the music the king plays in his castle, he can see the musical notes floating through the air. His parents are poor and they live in a village near a forest. His mother tells him he must tell no one of his special gifts because there lies a secret that emerges further into the story. 

Once your story is complete, you sent it to your editor. Tell us about them and how they enhanced the story?

I used to edit myself, but it was only when I joined Norns Triad Publication that Julie Northup became my editor. She brought out the best in the tale. You never know the things you don’t know until they are pointed out. I’ve learnt a lot about the power of words in the last couple of years. 

Now tell me about the formatting, who does that, and how did you decide on your book cover?

I’m lucky because Julie does the formatting for some of Norns Triad Publications books. She is particular about how they look and that they are the best they can be. It is also beautifully laid out inside. The formatting enhances a story making the words stand out and look pretty on the page.    

The cover was designed initially by Paul White of Electric Eclectic books, and Julie enhanced it. The paperback is particularly pretty with a border around it. 

How long did it take from conception until the publication of The Power of Love?

Probably about six months, but I didn’t work on it continually. 

Why do you think readers will like it?

Because it’s a fairy tale and will remind them of their childhood and the stories they loved. 

Thank you for allowing us to learn more about The Power of Love and about you. Lastly, please tell us about your hometown or city. What is it famous for?

I live in Anglesey, which is a very small island off the North Wales coastline. We are surrounded by stunning countryside and beautiful beaches. Holyhead, at the top of the island, has a large ferry port over to Ireland. Many people pass through and if they stopped en-route they would see that we are an area of outstanding beauty. 

Book Description

A devastated king and queen must end the search for their lost child. From his turreted castle on a high hill, the king copes by playing his lament for the whole village to hear. People come from far and wide to witness his emotional performances on the pianoforte.

Though the sound is profound for everyone, it’s magical for one young pauper. Jorge doesn’t just hear it, he sees the crochet, clefts, and minions as they fall from the sky. As he grows, so does the lure of the mystical music, which buries itself deep in his soul.

Unable to resist any longer, Jorge and his betrothed make a trip to the palace to watch the king play. What he discovers there will change his life forever.

This is a fairy tale to delight modern readers.

Link with the Author

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My website is called Magic of Stories   

I love stories of all kinds and you will find some on my website. I am also an avid reader. I review every book I read.  

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