So often we hear about a book as it is published, but I want to find out about the process and of the people who helped along the way.

Why are we featuring this book?

I first saw this book when I joined Norns and it was part of Sahara’s catalogue.   

Hi, Sahara, please tell me the name of your book and a little about the story?

We Journey No More is about two teenagers who accidentally time travel to a distant future.  Choices need to be made and battles need to be won.

When did this story first make itself known to you?

This is one of my late husband’s stories.  I used to read them after he did his writing for the day. 

Roughly, how long did it take to write, and what was your process after you decided to publish it

Not sure how long it took my late husband to write it.  But it took several months to type up the first draft.  After the first draft is done, then I go through the manuscript several times to add character development or take out words any passive writing. 

Who are your main characters? Tell about them.

Don and Janet are teenage high school sweethearts.  When Don decides to run away to California, Janet goes with him.  His ambition is to be a computer programmer, but his mom’s live-in boyfriend wants him to be a “man’ and play football.   Janet only wants to marry Don and have his children.  What do you expect from the 1980s? 

Once the story is complete, do you use an editor, or do you edit yourself?  

I self-edit the best I can using several tools, and then pass my work to Julie Northup to polish the story 

Now tell me about the formatting, who does that, and how did you decide on your book cover?

Julie Northup does my formatting.  As for covers, I’ve bounced around with several different ones, most that didn’t fit my genre.  I do use professional book cover designers.  I have no skill with photoshop.  

How long did it take from conception until the publication of We Journey No More?  

Several decades as it was written in 1988 and wasn’t published the first time until 2012. 

Why do you think readers will like this book?

This story is a little of everything.  Time travel, a dystopian world with mutated creatures, life choices, some romance, and an epic battle with only fireworks and a dog whistle.   

Thank you for allowing us to learn more about We Journey No More and about you. Lastly, please tell us about your hometown or city. Apart from being famous for having such a talented author living there, what else is it famous for?

Omaha NE has the Henry Doorly Zoo, and we host the College World Series each year. Oh, and of course, Mutual of Omaha and the Wild Kingdom.   

Book Description

A desert wasteland.
Mutant life-forms.
Humans on the verge of extinction.

Teenagers Don and Janet run off to California to start a new life together. Along the way, they find themselves in a dangerous land. Did they inadvertently time travel to a future Earth? Or, a parallel universe?

One of the nomadic tribes they encounter rescues the young couple. These small groups journey endlessly, searching for food and water. The brutal leaders of the Ganu Camp take whatever meager supplies they discover. Yearning to break free from enslavement, they hail Don as their prophesied savior.

Now, faced with a lost-cause battle, the teenagers must defend their new friends with the only weapons available to them. How will they defeat a powerful enemy with only skyrockets, firecrackers, and a dog whistle?

Even though the main characters are teenagers, this is NOT a YA or children’s book. There is violence and sexual content.

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