Young married couples often talk of Date Night. It’s a relatively new thing and we certainly didn’t have it when we were a young married couple. If you would like to do something extra romantic this February, follow the link below to give you some ideas.

We were unable to celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary with a cruise because we had gone into lockdown in 2020. By 2021, we were still unable to travel. For 2022, as a surprise, my husband booked a night away in Llandudno in North Wales. It is a Victorian seaside town with a wide promenade stretching for almost two miles. The famous pier is the longest in Wales was built around 1894 and is still well used with small stalls along the way.

The first book tells you more about the town, and the other two are fiction. I have read the entire Inspector Drake series by Stephen Puleston. They can be read as standalone. The book has a body being found on the pier, I’m never able to visit without imagining that scene. The second book I haven’t read but did come across an interesting article by the North Wales Pioneer newspaper about it. Clicking on the book cover will take you over to Amazon for a closer look.

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