There are so many forms in which to express ourselves and the creativity that makes us unique. Even within the art of writing, there are many options to pen one’s story. Today, we celebrate screenwritingHappy National Screenwriters Day!

A unique aspect to screenwriting is the collaborative nature inherent to it. You cannot bring a screenplay to life without filmmakers, which might be why the writers are often overlooked. As Ryan Reynolds so eloquently put it during one of his acceptance speeches, “[Screenwriters are] a hugely undervalued asset in Hollywood: they’re architects, they make us look good, Oftentimes, their job is very hard. They’re alone in rooms in their underwear, weeping softly, their tears working as lube on their old-fashioned typewriter machines.” Still, we should not forget what director Alfred Hitchcock said, “To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script.”

Let’s be sure to recognize the writers who surround us every single day – the ones who bring our world to new heights and deeper emotions. Today, when you are watching your favorite TV show or movie, be sure to acknowledge the writers who brought the characters and stories to life. Happy National Screenwriters Day, everyone!