To celebrate this day, I’m going to tell you about three random acts of kindness that happened to me.

Coming out of the local supermarket towards the car park, I noticed a fire engine putting out a fire. A car had burst into flames, and it was only as I approached, I saw it was mine.

Panic-stricken I didn’t know what to do. A guy appeared and took charge. He directed the fireman, directed me to phone home, took my car keys, inspected the damage, and assured me I was okay. When the fire engine left, he stayed, just as my husband arrived. He returned the keys, smiled, and to my surprise, got into a car with a lady and two young children. I had thought he was one of the fire team, but no, he was a random stranger.  They all waved, and he drove off.

The second time I drove away from traffic lights and my car made a dreadful grinding sound. I pulled into a side road and got out to look. Suddenly, a guy was by my side.

“I heard it, too,” he said and threw himself on the floor to inspect the underneath. “Sounds like you were dragging something, but I can’t see anything, now.”

“Thank you,” I said gratefully.

“Looks like it fell off whatever it was. It’ll probably be ok now. Go on, I’ll watch.”

I got in, drove slowly and it was fine. He waved and trotted off. I’ve no idea who he was.

The third incident happened in a supermarket, as I went up the escalator with the trolly. Ahead, a group of scruffily dressed youths, their loud conversation speckled with swear words. I wouldn’t pass them; I’d walk the other side.

Suddenly the escalator ground to a halt stranding me and my trolly. The next moment a voice of one of the youths yelled, “Hang on, love!”

He leapt down the frozen steps and yanked my trolly to the top.

“There you go,” he said, with a big grin, and returned to his group as if nothing had happened.

The phrase of never judge a book by its cover came to mind.

Do something kind today.

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